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One thing at a time.

I know that building a business can be daunting. To make this process easier for you, I will walk you through every step of our design journey.

Establish that we are a good match.

Check out the Working Together page to see if we will be a good match. We will work well together if you are committed to the process, excited about your business and are able to put your trust in me by giving me creative freedom according to your vision.


Your initial point of contact will be over email, after that we will set up a video call or meet for a coffee if you’re a Vancouver local. Once we’ve formed the initial connection and agreed on a start date, I will send you a quote for your approval, you’ll receive your contract, followed by an invoice for the 50% retainer. The non-refundable retainer is due before any work begins and is required to secure your spot in my calendar.

Compile all content

Before our schedule start date you will send me your complete content in your personalised Google Drive folder. This step is essential for me as my work depends on the information you supply with me. That’s why I’m relying on you to have your content proofed, organized and ready to go before our start date.


To ensure we have a strong foundation to build your project upon, you will complete a questionnaire targeted uniquely to your project. The questions dig deep into the why, how and what of your company. This is where I need you to be as honest and detailed as possible to really get to the bottom of what you are hoping to achieve. We may also schedule a chat again to clarify anything where we need to go a bit deeper. This information will become our Project Brief for our visual and creative direction.

Design, Reiterate, Refine

This is where it gets exciting! Using your brief and content as a guide, I will start to create design drafts. Once I am happy with the first version, I will send it to you for review and to begin the refinement rounds. For each round you will have three business days to write and send feedback. I will implement this feedback into the designs until you are completely happy with the work.


After you’ve signed off on the final designs, I will create your personal cloud-based folder housing all your design assets or transfer your new website to you, and thereby complete the project. And that’s it! Now it’s time to celebrate your new brand, website and promote your new look to your audience.

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