A small design studio

Crafting intentional designs for growing businesses

I strive to support small businesses and passionate organizations to align their mission and audience through thoughtful brand and web design.


Services I specialize in:
Webflow Design*
Brand Identities
Print Collateral
Editorial Design*
Brand Collateral
Squarespace Design
* These are my absolute favourite.
Webflow Design
Webflow is a fantastic platform to design and build websites on. Updating content is super easy, because the design is kept static and you, as a business owner, can focus on the content only.
Brand Identities
Your brand is so much more than a logo. Branding is truly how you connect with your audience, from the moment they discover you to the they are becoming a returning customer.
Print Collateral
Printed assets are a great way to build brand loyalty and recognition. This could include packaging, stickers, brochures—basically anything that's tangible.
Editorial Design
Also called layout design. Think annual reports, corporate publications or magazines. This is where my design education and experience started, and what I still get most excited about.
Meet the Designer

Heya, my name is Alex!

While I'm at my desk—
I’m as passionate about sustainable practices as I am excited about creating beautiful brands for ethically focused businesses. I’ve spent a few years working the 9 to 5 for companies in Vancouver, BC and London, UK before going out on my own in 2018. Running my own business has allowed me to focus on companies that share my values of ethical living and aiming to make the world a better place. My personal beliefs carry over into how I have set up my design practice. I keep everything digital, work with a local printing company that is renowned for its carbon neutral practices and communicate with clients around the world using Google Meet. When I’m setting up a client meeting with you, I will likely suggest a local, independent business as a meeting place.  
When I'm not working—
In my time off I’ll be far away from technology. I love taking advantage of our beautiful mountains, to go hiking as much as possible and disappear into the wilderness for a few days at a time when the sun is shining and the glacial lakes are just warm enough to jump into.
recent projects

When I'm not in front of my computer, I—

Bike, a lot

2,386km in 2023, and counting.
I’ve never owned a car and deeply enjoy the independence gained from getting around by bike or walking. Slowing down is so important in our hectic life.

Watch Bob's Burgers

on repeat
On repeat. What happens when I finish the whole show, you ask? I start at season one again.

Hike, a lot

Sleeping amongst wildflowers
Sleeping in a tiny tent? Yes please. Dehydrating my own food? You bet! Hiking all day to reach a secluded lake with a view of beautiful mountain peaks? All day, every day.

Now that you know more about me I’d love to learn more about your business and upcoming project.