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Our professional relationship is very important to me—just as important as the work I do for you. To help figure out if we’re a good match, here’s a little bit of information on how I like to work.
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I love emails! They give me a written record of tasks, feedback, edits and ideas—something phone calls and in-person meetings don’t. As a solo person running this business I also don’t have time to answer calls outside of my schedule, because most of the time they destroy my workflow. I will however always answer your emails, usually a lot quicker than a call.
Video Calls
With all of my clients I always encourage us to meet in a video chat. Discovery chats are great for finding out about our compatibility and learning more about your business. However, I rarely schedule additional calls after the first initial meeting. We live in an age where everything can be answered over email. I find this respects our valued time the most: we get to the point quickly, get things answered and then go on our merry day. I get more time to work on your project and you can focus on the business you’ve worked so hard for.
Phone Calls
I intentionally don't share my phone number with clients. Because let's be honest—who still answers their phone? I believe unscheduled calls won't do anyone any good. I block my days off into 2-4 hour chunks of focus time, so if you interrupt me in the middle of that, it's unlikely that I'll have specific answers ready to go for you. Instead, I will always be open to scheduling a video call, so we can both be prepared and value each others time.


Folders and files
File organization is my jam! I create my best work when I work with another organized person. You’re hiring me to solve your problems, and the less organized your content and inspiration is, the more hurdles I have to jump before I get to solve the problem you actually hired me for.
Google Drive
My cloud storage of choice. As part of us working together I will create a custom Google Drive folder where you and I will put all relevant files to share with each other.
This is your custom access point to all of our tasks. All of my custom website design and branding clients get access to their personal Asana board. You will get an email invite to your board within a few hours of receiving your welcome email. Asana functions as a clear overview to all project tasks, organized by due date and assigned to the relevant people. It helps me keep track of what I need to accomplish, and shows you what I’m working on at any given point. 
My favourite scheduling tool of choice. I have set up different meeting types and durations, all suited for different purposes. If you haven’t already, you’ll likely get a Calendly link sent to you throughout our time working together. Calendly is a great way to quickly schedule meetings, without the usual back and forth to figure out when we’re both available. Calendly also sends you a custom Google Meet link to our meeting room. 

Creative Freedom

In order to do my best work, I need a certain amount of creative freedom from you. My design choices will always be rooted in years of industry experience and education. You can trust in my abilities and that I’m an expert in my field, just like you are an expert in yours. If we can’t set this foundation, we’ll be doomed from the onset.
Along with trust, I value the time you and I spend together researching and preparing for our creative project. Depending on our project, that includes questionnaires, brand strategy workshops, copywriter and/or photographer collaborations and so much more.


I will keep you in the loop of everything I’m working on. There will be times when you don’t hear from me for a few days (sometimes even a full week), and that’s because I’m busy working on your project. Websites in particular have a lot of nitty gritty details for me to focus on, and there’s not a whole lot for me to report to you while I work on them.
Life and unexpected events
Life throws you curve-balls once in awhile. I have built the project timelines with a little bit of leeway in mind, so if something comes up for you or me we’re usually able to stay on schedule regardless. I will always let you know if I need to take an unplanned day off from the project and hope you’ll do the same.
At the beginning of projects I will set up an Asana board, which includes delivery dates for specific project milestones. The board also highlights when I will send you drafts and when I need your feedback. Timely, concise feedback is crucial for us to be able to complete your project by your desired deadline.

9 to 5

Or more like 8 to 3
This is where we set boundaries. I deeply enjoy what I do, but I also truly enjoy time spent not looking at a computer. Working for myself means I’m responsible for setting my own work-life balance. Having time to recharge away from the computer and spending time with people I care about is deeply important to me, and it’s what re-energizes me to be able to do what I do.
Working Hours
I determined that my most productive hours are between 8.30am and 3pm. Of course there are always going to be situations when a few extra hours of work are needed to meet deadlines, but those are usually confirmed between you and me during a project. Outside of those hours I ask that you respect the fact that I’m a human being and that those hours belong to me. Since we live in the age of non-stop connectedness, it doesn't hurt to set some boundaries regarding availability.
4 day work week
It's not rocket science that the 40-hour work week is turning out to be a bit outdated. I've transitioned to a 4 day work week, and can confidently say it's been one of the best business choices in a while. It allows me to be focused while at work, and gives me plenty of time to do the non-work-related things in my days off. I work Monday through Thursday, excluding public holidays.
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