All it takes is one day to cross that project off your to do list.

Do you have a design task that keeps making its way on to your to-do lists, but you just can’t seem to get it to be ready to be ticked off? I’ve been there. We’re all masters at our own procrastination, but I’m here to help you get that momentum going again. Let’s check that project of your to-do list and push your business forward at the same time.
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How a design day can help your business
Raise brand awareness
Update your website
Promote a service
Develop a resource
Deepen your brand voice
Get caught up on your to-do list
what you can achieve during a design day
Stationery suite
Landing page
Media kits
the process

Onboarding process

Establish that we are a good match
Check out the Working Together page to see if we will be a good match. We will work well together if you are committed to the process, excited about your business and are able to put your trust in me by giving me creative freedom according to your vision.
Discovery call
During our initial call my aim is to learn more about you and your business, what services your business would benefit from and what timeline will work for both of us. I will use this information to prepare your proposal
Once we’ve formed the initial connection and agreed on a start date, I will send you a proposal for your approval, you’ll receive your contract, followed by an invoice for the 50% retainer. The non-refundable retainer is due before any work begins and is required to secure your spot in my calendar.


What to expect on your design day
Begin at the beginning
Once we schedule a design day for a date that suits both of us we will start focusing on the priorities for the day. This is when we decide on what we want to accomplish and start defining the deliverables.
Finalise your content
Before your design day you will have to gather and finalise all necessary content. This includes your images, copy, brand assets anything else we have established during our call. I will give you a detailed list of everything that’s needed before we can start. All content is due at least 2 working days before the scheduled design day.
8 am to noon
With the content you have supplied me I will start designing. I will spend the morning testing designs, layouts or iterations and getting them ready for a review round. Around midday I will share my work with you. This is when timely, precise feedback is of utmost importance. Once I have your notes I will implement them into the design piece.
Noon to 4pm
We will continue to be in close communication throughout the afternoon. As I finish up putting your feedback into action and finalise your design piece I will also send you the final invoice for the project. Around 3pm I will share all created final files with you. And just like that—project complete!

Ready to work together?

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Want to see what I've been working on so far? My previous work is a great way to learn more about my style and how I connect with businesses.
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Review & confirmation
Once we have agreed on a start date, I will send you a quote for your approval, you’ll receive your contract, followed by an invoice for the 50% non-refundable retainer.