Why you should consider Webflow for your next website build

It’s no secret that I’m an absolute Webflow fan. The platform has seemingly limitless possibilities when it comes to design and content management, but is also super awesome once I hand the website over to my clients.

Here’s 3 reasons why my clients love their Webflow sites

Easy Hosting

Hosting, domains and keeping your website running can be really tedious and scary for folks who aren’t familiar with how it all works. Webflow takes the guesswork out of it. All you have to do is purchase a domain name (I help all my clients with that), connect it to your Webflow account and Webflow takes care of the rest. Webflow bills monthly or annually, and that’s all you ever have to worry about going forward. They take care of backing up your site, keeping things secure and running updates where needed. You’ll never know any of this is happening—because you don’t need to. You just take care of running your business!

SEO is integrated throughout the entire site

Things like site titles and descriptions are a given. But where Webflow really shines is the integrated heading tags and reminders if things aren’t as ideal as they should be. Before publishing any site, Webflow automatically lets you know if there’s a heading level that’s skipped, or an alt tag for an image that’s missing. It even tells you why those improvements are important.

The Editor

I absolutely adore the Editor. While all of my work happens in the Designer, the Editor is what my clients 98% of the time interact with. Think of the Editor as an editable version of your website, without the ability to break any design elements. The Editor lets you publish blog posts, update images and copy on the live site or add products to your ecommerce site. You’ll never have to be scared of accidentally breaking your site (which is one of the most common complaints I hear from folks leaving other platforms).

As you can see, Webflow really seems to have thought about it all. I want all my clients to be confident in their new sites. If you’d like to talk about updating your site, get in touch!