Adaptation Learning Network: Climate Adaptation Competency Framework

Editorial design for a climate adaptation report
Climate adaptation
Layout design

The Adaptation Learning Network is an organization supporting professionals who work at the front lines of climate adaptation. The ALN offers education on how to integrate adaptation for climate change into their professional practice. They offer education, training and networking.

The Climate Adaptation Competency Framework was developed to provide a defined set of competencies to ensure that individuals and teams have the needed abilities required to perform actions that contribute climate action.

I was brought on to design the document. Working with a dense, text-heavy, research-first document, it was important to relay the vital information within it, while keeping the reader engaged.

Natalina Percival had developed unique semiotics for the individual competencies. I was able to use her designs as foundation and carried over the visuals to the entire document.

Creative direction: Natalina Percival