An icelandic-inspired eco-retreat in the Fraser Valley.
Wellness, tourism
Branding, stationery design, website design

felustaður means hiding place. The owners Rut and Reuben wanted to create a true place for guests to enjoy the solitude.

felustaður is a Icelandic-inspired eco-retreat in the Fraser Valley. Created by people who were craving their Icelandic roots, their goal was to create a quiet space to offer others a serene environment to restore from our busy society. felusta∂ur was founded with the goal of rediscovering our roots, our inherent silence, our true self.

The brand visuals are inspired by the rough and rugged Icelandic environments. The illustrations are detailed segments of the Iceland coastlines. Throughout the visual language it was important to allow plenty of breathing room, which mirrors the sense of solutide one can experience at felustaður.

Alex was highly organized, enthusiastic and a great communicator which made the process not only smooth but enjoyable too.