Garibaldi Provincial Park Southwestern Amendment

Advocacy-focused report to highlight the need for more trails in one of BC's most popular parks.
Outdoor recreation
June 2018
Layout design

Part of the British Columbia Mountaineering Club’s mission is to actively work towards more accessible trails, backcountry huts and new trail construction. The goal of this publication was to educate the general public, and more importantly, relevant government bodies of the much needed addition of trails in the well-loved Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Working closely with the Board of Directors, I established a cohesive visual in line with the Club’s existing style elements. I also created a layout that can be re-used for future publications, knowing that more parks would need similar publications in the future.

The result is a four-page, single fold brochure outlining the 15 year plan of one of BC’s grandest provincial parks.